We offer Ingrown Toenail Surgery!

Hear what our patients have to say about the surgery:

“…..I’ve struggled with two ingrowing toe nails for about 10 years, I’d finally had enough of the pain and following a recommendation I decided to make an appointment to see Louise. Louise went through all the options, costs and treatment plans and put me at complete ease. Each toe nail needed different treatment, one of which needed to be removed. Louise did an amazing job and the aftercare was fantastic. My only regret is I didn’t do it sooner. Walking is now pain free and a whole new world of shoes has opened up to me 🙂 I can’t recommend Louise highly enough. THANK YOU”

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“….I had a bad experience around 20 years ago with a podiatrist who treated an infected ingrown nail rather brutally. Since then I’ve struggled to treat the nails myself and subsequently I have been experiencing significant pain due to the nail curling around and into my tissue and tightening.

I was anxious at my initial visit at GSFC with Louise, but that changed fast because this lovely lady put me at ease immediately (quite a feat). She examined and removed nail and a shard of glass from my toe and I didn’t flinch, I couldn’t feel anything! I needed surgery and felt happy to allow Louise to do that.

During the surgery I could not believe how much trust I had in this lady! She is so confident in her own skills that it reassured me greatly and she has the best bedside manner I’ve seen in a health professional in quite some time. Surgery went very well and was over before I knew it…I was really brave.

Aftercare has been easy and the job is so neat. I can feel relief already.

Another blessing is that Louise identified a pronation issue that is causing a bunion, weight on my toes and possibly contributing to the hip and knee pain that I experience regularly — she can treat that too with orthotics at a competitive price. I am so glad that I found Gold Standard Foot Care, especially Louise.

I can VERY HIGHLY recommend.”
Dawn Hosking