Walking with confidence

I have been to the Foot Clinic at Prestwich Pharmacy on two occasions. The first time I visited I was seen by Louise, she was pleasant and very professional in her manner; she asked me a few questions about my medical history and put me at complete ease. I had been suffering for some time with a very sore callus on the ball of my foot; she cut away at it and then created a cushioned pad so that I could walk with comfort on it. Louise then trimmed my nails and moisturised my feet, advising me on cream I needed to apply to stop my symptoms persisting.


I walked out of the clinic with so much more ease than I had gone in! I booked a follow up appointment for 6 weeks’ time and on that occasion I was then seen by Gavin who was equally friendly and professional. He was able to do some further work on the callus and again trimmed my nails and moisturised my feet. I intend to have regular check-ups with Gold Care Foot Clinic as they offer an experienced and welcoming service. I would recommend them to anyone who suffers with painful feet. Do not suffer in silence like I did for so long, instead you could be skipping out of the clinic!
Eileen Greenhalgh