Apart from typical foot problems such as corns, hard skin and painful nail conditions there are also underlying functional or structural abnormalities which also contribute to foot or lower limb pain.

At Prestwich Gold Standard Foot Cinic we are committed to promoting awareness around foot and lower limb problems affecting people in the work place. In promoting awareness of health place issues and providing rapid assessment and treatment of foot problems we aim to ensure that employees are able to contribute more efficiently in the work place.

We would like to work in partnership with organisations like yours and can offer:

We provide services to Multinational Industrial Organisations, Premier League Rugby Clubs & Professional Football Clubs.

  • Free foot checks for employees
  • Presentations to employees to raise awareness of prevention and treatment of potential foot problems
  • Expert opinion on work based foot health issues; for example footwear, foot pain or industrial foot injuries
  • In house treatments in the work place

* Painful corns and callus
* Heel Pain
* Forefoot pain
* Surgery for ingrown toe nails and other nail problems
* Treatment of painful verrucae
* Lower limb Sports Injuries